Her blog not only emphasizes her love of fashion but also her passion for philanthropy. With the goal of spreading love and positivity, Thania has amassed over 113k Instagram followers, serves as an ambassador to four youth charities, and is a partner with the UN. We were lucky enough to sit down with her for Earth Day, virtually of course, and ask her a few questions.

As a fashion influencer, how did you end up getting into the sustainability space?

I started consulting with brands two years ago and was trying to figure out which brands were mindful of environmental processes. As the idea sparked my curiosity, I kept finding myself divulging in those pressing questions of sustainability with my brand partners.

What is one misconception you see about sustainability or being ‘green’ in general that you’d like to debunk?

I think consumers need to research what they are buying. Not all of the brands that claim to be sustainable are. I see websites, and they have an array of sustainable brand partners. I went to one of the brands, and they were using a fabric called viscose. I reached out to the brand, curious if the viscose was ethically sourced because viscose is a significant cause of deforestation in developing nations. The brand rep never got back to me. Us consumers need to raise these questions to brands and hold them accountable for their claims. Some of these bio leathers and bio plastics are using toxic components in production, which in turn doesn’t make the product biodegradable. Also, some brands that were creating fabric from recycled bottles were creating virgin plastic to create the garment. I love for brands to commit to sustainability, but please be ethical and have checks and balances.

What gravitated you towards Rebag and secondhand retail?

The secondhand retail market has always been my thing. I love to find something that no one else can get. Rebag is excellent because you save a lot of money by not buying brand new luxury goods.

Thania Peck is no ordinary fashion blogger. The creative director of Catcher in the Style started out in modeling before creating her lifestyle and fashion blog

What are some simple tricks that you found relatively easy to do daily that would help someone lower their carbon footprint?

Don’t wash your clothing after one use. Also, be mindful of what you are washing. Anything polyester will release microplastics in the water stream. When you purchase items, whether it’s food or clothing, be aware of the plastic. If something is wrapped in plastic, try and choose something different.

Any favorite designers that are really honing in on sustainable efforts that you support?

Theory, Ralph Lauren, Aldo, H&M, G Star Raw, Stella McCartney, and Eileen Fisher. In beauty, Erno Laszlo is doing some impressive initiatives. You can check out RemakeWorld for a list of sustainable brands.

With the current climate and having WFH during this extraordinary time, have there been any activities or initiatives you’ve been focusing on as you do your part in social distancing?

Yes, a couple of things are keeping me busy. I work with @plus1vote, and we launched a voter registration campaign on Friday. Also, I’m working on some policy in fashion this year with a few innovators. At home, I’ve started a garden in my kitchen. I’m growing green lettuce, basil, tomatoes, and strawberries.


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